Creating infinite Advisory Practices

We are the experts in elevating leadership, streamlining your advice delivery, and assembling the ideal workforce. Scroll to learn more about how we are delivering continuous, personalized, and proactive guidance to advisory firms to drive long-term and enduring success. Or, skip to the detailed list of services that we provide.

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We're All About Measurable Results

Our services are designed to deliver measurable results by improving the key performance indicators that matter most to you. We believe that effective leadership starts with a thorough assessment of your profit and loss statement, setting clear expectations, carefully selecting the right KPIs, and strategically planning goals. Becoming INFINITE is about understanding your true identity, envisioning what you aspire to become, identifying obstacles in your path, and developing strategies to overcome them. It is crucial to comprehend how these efforts directly impact your bottom line for true success.

The Playbook

We're devoted to your success!

Elevated Leadership

We help firms make better decisions, improve results, and innovate quickly by starting with the foundational elements, creating the ideal strategic planning process, and installing operating systems.

Streamlined Advice Delivery

We're your secret weapon for streamlining the advice delivery system. By analyzing current processes, technology, and client needs, we identify bottlenecks and pain points. We then help you to execute a more efficient, scalable system that delivers personalized, timely advice, leaving clients feeling empowered and your firm well-positioned for growth.

Ideal Workforce

We assist you in structuring your organization, cultivating essential skills, and providing clear career paths. Our strategies promote a positive work culture, effective hiring, and seamless onboarding, leading to a motivated and efficient workforce.

About TGC

Meet Heath

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Heath Jackson
Founder & CEO
Managing Consultant


Heath brings over 20 years of financial services experience in consulting and coaching organizations, advising clients, leading teams, development & training, data & analytics, and operations. His consulting experience ranges from individual firms, boutique RIAs serving high net worth families, large investment firms serving the mass market, and banking operations with a full range of financial products. 

Heath has been quoted in several financial planning publications, has presented to thousands of students and professionals at numerous universities, and has spoken at local, regional, and national FPA Conferences and events. He has served in various leadership roles in his local FPA chapters and led the San Antonio group as President in 2009. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the  South Texas FPA chapter. He has served on the Texas Tech Alumni Association Board, where he helped plan the annual Opportunity Days Event. 

He is an active Rotarian at the Dominion Rotary Club, the Chartered Organization Representative for Boy Scout Troop 701, and coaches his son's baseball team.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Consulted 40+ financial planning firms
  • Led 400+ people and dozens of teams
  • Served 600+ clients as trusted advisor
  • 15 years as Registered Corporate Coach™
  • 10 years as Certified Project Manager™

What firms are saying about our service

“Heath's ability to design a comprehensive strategy and innovative approach helped each partner to buy in to the implementation and move forward with each proposed step.”

“Without Heath's vision, experience, and guidance, I would not have been able to take the actions necessary to improve my firm.”

“Heath excels at seeing the bigger picture and aligning strategic insights that are personalized to our firm."


Original content to help you create the Infinite Advisory Practice

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Solutions & Deliverables

Get to know the solutions that we deliver

Elevated Leadership

Strategic Planning: Chart your course, navigate uncertainty, and achieve long-term goals.

Management Routines: Build consistent, effective practices for smooth operations.

Decision Rights: Empower the right people to make the right calls, faster.

Accountability Model: Clear ownership for tasks and results, driving performance.

Project Management System: Streamline project execution, boost efficiency, and meet deadlines.

Work Management System: Organize tasks, collaborate seamlessly, and stay on top of workload.

Objectives & Key Results (OKR): Set ambitious goals, track progress transparently, and achieve maximum impact.

Change Management System: Guide your team through transitions smoothly, minimizing disruption.

Policy Framework: Establish clear guidelines for responsible decision-making and compliance.

Workflow Optimization: Eliminate bottlenecks, save time, and work smarter, not harder.

Marketing Strategy: Attract the right clients, grow your brand, and generate leads effectively.

Sales Process Modernization: Convert prospects into customers faster with a streamlined, data-driven approach.

Process/Procedures Optimization: Make everyday operations leaner, smoother, and more efficient.

Succession Planning: Ensure knowledge transfer and leadership continuity for future success.

Ownership Modeling: Align ownership structure with long-term goals and stakeholder interests.

Streamlined Advice Delivery

Tech Stack Optimization: Choose the right tools to empower your team and optimize performance.

Client Experience Modernization: Elevate every touchpoint to build strong relationships and loyalty.

Client Care Optimization: Deliver exceptional service, retain clients, and drive referrals.

Fee Structure Enhancement: Align fees with value delivered and maximize firm profitability.

Segmentation Strategy: Group clients effectively for targeted communication and service offerings.

Communication Plan: Ensure clear, consistent messaging across all channels for internal and external stakeholders.

Service Model Revamp: Design and deliver services that meet evolving client needs and maximize profitability.

Ideal Client Personas: Define your ideal clients for targeted marketing and sales efforts.

Client Transition Strategy: Smoothly onboard new clients for lasting success and satisfaction.

Quality Testing & Assurance: Deliver flawless work and build trust with rigorous quality controls.

Process Modernization: Continuously improve your internal processes for maximum efficiency and agility.

Operations Manual Modernization: Document critical procedures for consistent execution and training.

The Ideal Workforce

Organizational Charts: Map out roles and responsibilities for clear communication and collaboration.

Skills Portfolio: Identify and cultivate essential skills for firm-wide success.

Firm-wide Career Tracks: Provide employees with clear paths for development and advancement.

Salary Tables: Establish fair and competitive compensation for talent attraction and retention.

Compensation Structure: Design a reward system that aligns with performance and motivates employees.

Employee Benefit Program: Attract and retain top talent with attractive benefits packages.

Culture Book: Define your values and create a positive, engaging work environment.

Hiring Plan: Attract, assess, and select the best talent for your growing firm.

Job Descriptions: Clearly define roles and responsibilities to attract qualified candidates.

Interviewing Processes: Conduct effective interviews to select the right person for the job.

Onboarding Process: Welcome new hires seamlessly and set them up for success.

Employee Management System: Track performance, provide feedback, and foster development.

Training & Development Execution: Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to excel.